Visual Storytelling 

Visual storytelling is the best way to create interest and suspense with your audience. Today an illustration needs to look good, be well made but ultimately tell a story. And to do that you need to open the imagination of your audience. 

Why visual storytelling? 

As humans we all want the same thing: connection. Whether we write a personal blog, make an advertisement or have a the ambition to create awareness, ultimately we want to reach our audience with impact. The best way to reach your audience is to give them something that creates interest, suspense and motivates them to engage with you and your content. 


The oldest and most human way of achieving this is storytelling. But nowadays we live in a world which is fast and has high volumes of information. We quickly decide whether something is worth our attention. And a story takes time. Visual storytelling, on the other hand, does not. 

An illustration that sparks imagination

We all have our own perspective on the world, and we like that. It gives us security and safety as it predicts what will happen around us. And we're pretty proud on this perspective since we've build this up form the beginning of our lives. This is exactly what we should use in visual storytelling. Use the imagination of your audience. An illustration should be clear, but not too clear. It should contain the content but not so bluntly that it becomes obvious.  

Just as in storytelling we should create white space or pauses that leave room for imagination and fantasy. A good graphic artist understand this. 

  • Understand the process of drawing

  • Have an illustration that adds value to your content

  • Spark the imagination of you audience

  • Become a visual storyteller

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