Alexander Steenhorst  

Visual Storyteller, Illustrator, Artist

Alexander Steenhorst, a visual artist from Amsterdam.

As a kid he could spend hours drawing and imagining what would happend in his own created fantasy world. 

After a diploma in mind-reading (psychology) at the University of Amsterdam he began his career in visual storytelling. He works at Ink Strategy to help companies tell inspiring stories and has created Mister Mud a children's book. 

His work is inspired by japanese art like Ukiyo-E and comic art. He produces different works like caricatures, portraits, illustrations and weird stuff. His work contains (dark) humor and challenges human nature. 





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Telephone: +31 (0)6 42328750 • Email:

Address: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 351-2, 1055 RB, Amsterdam

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Adress: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 351-2, Amsterdam 

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