Welcome, I'm Alexander

a graphic artist, illustrator and visual storyteller

Since I was a kid I loved illustrations and visual stories. They activated my imagination where the unimaginable was possible. Let's face it, we would all like to fly or read minds. So, soon I picked up the pen and started drawing like a maniac. To give that feeling to other people is quit awesome. 

Mind reading, another hobby of mind turned pro as I finished a master in Psychology. And if there's one thing I took from it, it's that we all live in our own world. So how cool to activate that world? Exactly!

That's why I believe in visual storytelling. An images says more than words because it's your own words. As a graphic artist I try to activate that part of us, the imagination part. 

Have a look around!

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What is visual storytelling?

There are numerous ways of conveying a message. But the ultimate goal is to touch your audience. The best way to connect is by sharing stories or even better visual stories. 

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Looking for a  design mentorship?

It isn't easy to be an artist. There is so much you could do, where to start? what are the best thing do and what not to do? With a background in Psychology and experience as a coach I can help you navigate in this jungle of possibilities.

Check out some prints!

Art makes us happy! put it on your wall and make yourself happy. Check out some illustrations, drawings, paintings and artworks I've made. Maybe there's something you'll like. 

Finding the right illustration that captures the attention of your audience is very important. We base our assumptions mostly on what we see. If this triggers our attention than we trigger engagement. So let's make sure we convey the right message!

With a background in Psychology and experience as a strategic visual design consultant I'd like to help you find the image that captures the story and triggers your audience.

If you want to become a visual storyteller yourself check out my design mentorship!

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Adress: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 351-2, Amsterdam 

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